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For the second presidential comparison I went with Calvin “Silent Cal” Coolidge and John “The Claw” Quincy Adams. They don’t have the same number of letters in their names, but they would if you called the latter Mr. Adamssss (which I do). But they do have a few things in common and only some of those things are made up.
John Adams was known as an eloquent speaker while Coolidge was famously quiet. Coolidge was a Republican and Adams was at one time, a Democratic-Republican. They both married good looking women with English ancestry who were almost the same height.
Both men were lawyers. Both were state senators. Neither served in the military. Both were probably born left handed. Both had totally awesome nicknames. Both were named after their fathers.

Coolidge is one of three presidents to go by his middle name. His first name is…John. Each named a son John (common name, but weird, right? Or not). Coolidge was elected president in 1924. Adams was elected in 1824.

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I love holidays and July 4th is one of my favorites. A few years ago I made a goal to reread the Declaration of Independence on July 4th. Because I’m currently “funemployed,” I also have time to spend on reading a book about Abigail Adams, a Jefferson biography, and Founding Brothers on audio book, which is like reading with your ears.

Every year when I watch 1776 I think, this won’t be as awesome as I remember it, but it always is. Also, every year I forget that it’s not entirely a cheesy musical and what a punch in the gut Mama Look Sharp is.

A new addition to July 4th viewing is the amazing John Adams miniseries.

I might also watch National Treasure, or just my favorite scene where Nic Cage and the others are in Independence Hall and he says “the last time [the declaration] was here, it was being signed.”
I will also eat hot dogs until my stomach explodes.
Happy 4th of July everyone!

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