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Can you guess which one what I made up? The winner will get a poem written about them OR they can pick the mystery prize that’s in this box.

  1. Julia Dent Grant really, really loved being First Lady. She was the first after Monroe to be one for eight years. She was the first First Lady to write a memoir. It was published in 1975.
  2. Eleanor Roosevelt is the only First Lady to have a National Historic Site in her honor, Val-Kill, in New York.
  3. Ellen Axson Wilson studied to be a painter and had a studio installed in the White House.
  4. Abigail Adams‘s approval of the Alien and Sedition Acts earned her the nickname of “Her Majesty.” (But maybe those people should have just tried not being so seditious.) She was played by Laura Linney in John Adams. Now, I’ve got a few things I want to say about Laura Linney.
  5. Betty Ford opened and taught in a dance school called the Betty Bloomer Dance School.
  6. Grace Coolidge was the first to secure White House furnishings by getting Congress to approve an act protecting them. She also loved baseball.
  7. Edith Wilson was a descendant of Pocahontas.
  8. Michelle Obama and I both received a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. So clearly, one benefit of that degree is that one day you will get to marry Barack Obama.
  9. Laura Bush. According to the awesome film W., Laura Bush likes reading, smoking, and admiring things. She seems like a nice lady.
  10. Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson purchased and ran a radio station with her inheritance and was a millionaire in her own right.
  11. Lou Henry Hoover was fluent in Chinese and Latin.
  12. Dolley Madison was born a Quaker and was kicked out of the Society of Friends for marrying James, an Episcopalian. That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard! Episcopal.
  13. Hillary Rodham Clinton once applied to work for NASA.
  14. Pat Nixon met her husband while they were auditioning for a play.
  15. Florence Harding died of kidney failure. She was also one of several First Ladies to ask astrologists for advice. Can you guess two others?
  16. Lucy Hayes commissioned an artist to complete the White House’s collection of portraits of prior presidents.
  17. Frances Cleveland was the youngest First Lady (21). Her daughter Esther was the first child of a president to be born in the White House.
  18. Harriet Lane was James Buchanan’s niece. The song “Listen to the Mockingbird” was dedicated to her.
  19. Elizabeth Monroe‘s first language was Dutch.
  20. Bess Truman died at age 97 and was the longest living First Lady.
  21. Nancy Reagan‘s most recent film role was playing herself in the movie Balls of Fury.
  22. Caroline Harrison ordered White House china with a Goldenrod pattern (Benjamin Harrison’s favorite flower that she wanted to be the National flower), but she died before she was able to use the china.
  23. Lucretia Garfield taught algebra, Latin and French classes and took a class in Greek from James Garfield.
  24. Helen Taft loved to surf.
  25. Rosalynn Carter established the White House Trust and hosted the first jazz and poetry festivals in the White House.

My next list will probably be a list of secretaries of state ordered by how cute I thought they were.


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