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After voting and getting an I Voted sticker, my favorite thing about Election day is watching television shows about voting.

Sesame Street


The Brady Bunch

Vote for Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!

I find it hard to believe Greg Brady could win anything with a slogan as snappy as “Vote for Greg with all my campaign promises.” This is one of the few Brady Bunch episodes I remember (along with the one about Jesse James) and it still annoys me that the message was “just let Greg win.”

King of the Hill


The West Wing


You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown!

Don’t forget to vote early (now through Oct. 29) or on November 2nd!


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1. Date someone whose library consisted of nothing but John Grisham novels…


Date someone whose library consisted of nothing of Clifford the Big Red Dog books (who never interacts with children)?

2. Listen to Randy Travis rap the song from Animal Farm every time you watch a news story about a food recall…


Listen to Ira Glass read five lines from a Jodi Picoult novel every time you watch a soft news story?

3. Live in a country free from war, crime, and unemployment, with health care for all and a great educational system, but Sarah Palin (or Keith Olbermann) is president for life…


Live in the US just as it is now, but every president throughout history is the one who lost the presidential election?

4. Get paid to travel to theme parks across the country for a year with the Coca-Cola logo painted on your car and the same Coca-Cola shirt to wear each day and every morning people yell “Sell out” at you for two hours…


Drink a bottle of warm Pepsi every day?

5. Listen to your favorite songs for 24 hours without interruption but each song is a cover by the cast of Glee…


Listen to I Wanna be Sedated by the Ramones for 24 hours, but every third play is interrupted by a college DJ talking about his failure to find the song he’s going to play?

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I voted early on Monday. I Voted sticker accomplished.

I am 14 First Ladies away from completing this list of the heights of the First Ladies. New additions: Bess Truman and surfer Helen Taft.

I am currently reading books about or by Robert Kennedy. I am preparing for the upcoming RFK bio starring Matt Damon. I will only watch it as many times as I watched the movie W. or The Reagans. Four.

If you’re interested in blogs about reservoirs (AND WHO ISN’T) my dad has a nerd blog about it. Go there and click on the like buttons and/or read it.

I finished this scarf and the library’s copy of the soundtrack to MTV’s Carmen: a Hip Hopera just loves it. I need to hang out with people.

Only BeyoncĂ© could rhyme “porpoise” with “horse is.”

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Yesterday morning I was cross-stitching and I dropped a needle on the floor. I had learned from the last time I did this that the right thing to do is to pick it up immediately rather than brush it off as a loss and grab a replacement needle. As I was rescuing Future Me from stabbing her toe with a needle, I spotted something that looked like a small twig. I turned it over  and discovered this:

An awesome thing to find on the carpet.

At first glance I thought a snake had come into my apartment and shed half of its skin. This was a little alarming; there was a half naked snake gliding around my living room, like a nature special on the CW. After a  closer examination I realized that not many snakes leave their heads behind with their skin. I’m no herpetologist, but I’ve never seen a snake with arms.

I had seen other lizards indoors twice during the past five months. This was a definite improvement over Houston, where I saw a lizard in the house on a weekly basis. The lizards I spotted in Houston were larger and I’m certain a few died after crawling into the engine of my car.

The first Austin lizard was hiding in the closet and it ran out of sight before I could react. The second one surprised me by falling from the ceiling to a bookshelf. I’m not proud of this, but I grabbed a can of Raid and sprayed the shelf until it ran out. Only a G. Gordon Liddy bio caught any of the spray, but he’s awful, so it doesn’t really matter.

I think the Raid killed it. I felt bad about that. Or worse, I stepped on it. It found its way from the bookshelf in the hallway to the middle of the living room 6-7 feet away. I assumed he was the same lizard from those prior encounters, which is a more pleasant thought than the idea of two other tiny lizards out to avenge their fallen comrade. However, that would make a good action movie. Or a terrific romantic comedy.

I decided I couldn’t let him go to his final resting place, that Great Outside of My Apartment in the Sky, without a name. And so, in the sense that a living room is sort of like a lounge, I named him and said farewell.

RIP Old Blevins

I took about 100 other pictures of it, because it was kind of cool/gross and I live a really exciting life.

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I like this cartoon by Natalie Dee

It is also possible to watch hours and hours of Good Eats on Youtube.

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The Texas Book Festival in Austin is next weekend and ALTON BROWN, my favorite Food Network personality and one of my top 25 favorite humans, is going to be there. However, I am going to be at the wedding of two friends in Houston. It’s a little awkward, as I did tell everyone Alton Brown was going to be my date.

I have 30 stations on Pandora, most of which are for show, because I only listen to the one titled MUSICALS!!

This is a great song to wake up to (obvs).

I started rereading A Tale of Two Cities after listening to a guy maligning the good name of Dickins and forgetting if I should be outraged about that or not. I’m also doing some knitting.

After years of voting in Houston and getting nothing as a reward except a high five from myself, I might actually get an I Voted sticker from my new county. That’s what really matters.

Have you seen the Burger King breakfast commercial on Hulu that lets you insert your name into the ad? I’m ashamed to say I found it momentarily enjoyable to hear my name in a commercial. I accepted that it had Elizabeth and no Elisabeth, but then I saw that it has an option to put Cynthia or Synthia. I mean, seriously, Synthia?

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What a weird, nice thing to say, bottle of cinnamon.

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