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This year is the first time I’ve been in charge of decorating my own Christmas tree. My mom sent me a box of my old ornaments I received as gifts, which is why the theme is Angels and Apples from Elementary school. I’m most excited about being in charge of the topper, which I decided will be something I picked up from the St. Paul Museum of Science. I even filmed my tree lighting and set it to some appropriate music.

Before you watch the tree lighting, a not stupid idea that I came up with for my blog, I would like to announce that the winners of my November Win a Prize with Tad Hamilton giveaways:

The Word Museum will go to Gretchen, whose favorite word is diaphanous, and the winner of the “downgraded to only potentially” stabby Ford necklace is Srah! And now, my tree:

Oooo. Ahhh. 

Merry Star Wars Christmas Special, Everyone!

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