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Today is Emily Elisabeth Day, or as my nephew called me today Cookie Monster (I do love cookies). Thank you for celebrating it by coming to my blog. Happy birthday to my fellow Nov. 28th birthdays, Jon Stewart, Anna Nicole Smith and Not Fergie or Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas. I’m going to celebrate it by changing the name of my blog for one of my favorite Parks and Recreation quotes.

Thanks to my four nephews for being especially adorable. It’s been so fun seeing them in Houston during Thanksgiving week. I know every aunt thinks their nieces and nephews are the cutest and smartest kids around, but as far as nephews are concerned, they are all wrong. I’m sure your niece Torpal is very talented.

Thanks to  Gretchen and Giromide for tweets that made me laugh. Thanks to Srah for the birthday post. Don’t forget to enter to win these November book giveaways at her blog! And check out the best collection of animated gifs on one post. I received a Gerald Ford magnet and postcard with a few POTUS and FLOTUS on it from her. The postcard now lives from on my refrigerator, with the magnet placed strategically to cover up Barbara Bush’s scandalously uncovered gams.

I told Twitter this, but since I’ve met her three times, and most of the time she seemed really mean to both me and Henry Kissinger, I’m kind of obsessed with her. Forget Sarah Palin, Barbara Bush invented going rogue (I wouldn’t be surprised if she ever bit someone).  The first time I met Barbara Bush she introduced me to the man who would soon be Teri Hatcher’s ex-boyfriend. This will be a really interesting story if I ever meet Tony Parker.

Since today is my birthday, but this is also a post about Barbara Bush, here’s a photo of younger me and a picture of two first ladies who seem like they would be much nicer to me than Barbara Bush.


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I know this is an inaccurate, third grade interpretation of the “First Thanksgiving,” but I’m a little proud of my paper cutting and drawing skills.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Harry S Turkey

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According to my holiday source, today isn’t an actual holiday, just the birthday of the non holiday deserving President, and Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Zachary Taylor. So as part of my Unofficial Zachary Taylor Day celebration, I will just talk about another president during my annual holiday tradition of “informing everyone around that George H. W. Bush was the first President to give a turkey an official pardon, not Harry Truman or Lincoln.” Gail Collins will back me up on this. And Gail Collins never lies. Gail. Collins. Never. Lies.

Before George H. W., there were events with presidents and turkeys on Thanksgiving, but they were rough sailing for those turkeys.

Turkey getting the Johnson Treatment before getting the Johnson EATment


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It is Go for a Ride Day and I’ll be doing that today driving from Austin to Houston for Thanksgiving. I’ll be listening to the audio book of The Politician and shaking my head every time John Edwards does anything sketchy (like being inspired by The American President to get into politics, gross). Anyway, going for a ride…riding in my car, here’s a slightly related song that I like.

She & Him – Ridin’ in My Car


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Today is False Confession Day, which is either the weirdest and most fun November holiday or the one that makes me think about current human rights violations and the Salem witch trials. So I decided to go with the former, which is less crushingly depressing. These are my false confessions.

  1. The best book I read this year was Miley Cyrus: Miles to Go by Miley Cyrus. 
  2. I haven’t written fan fiction about John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.
  3. Pickles are not disgusting. They should be in all egg salad sandwiches.
  4. I didn’t watch this video of Karl Rove and David Gregory dancing three times this weekend.
  5. I love it when people dress up animals in people clothes, but if animals could dress themselves, like if I had to watch an animated guinea pig in a Pixar movie put on a little coat, scarf and hat, I would probably barf.

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Gettysburg Address from Adam Gault on Vimeo.

Today is the 147th anniversary of a speech which dedicated a cemetery for a battle where 8,000 men died. So maybe, my triumphant “I knew I didn’t just imagine an episode of Animaniacs about the Gettysburg address” Google search wasn’t the best way to start things off.

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Hey you, want to be as fashionable as Nancy Reagan1 and as stylish as a person with a homemade campaign button necklace?

Enter a comment, with your favorite Jelly Bean flavor or your favorite president, on this post from today through December 1st and you could win this2 necklace. It’s perfect for when you’re Reaganing or when you’re just lying around in an evening gown and showing off your husband’s monogrammed throw pillows. 

It’s really just a campaign button that can be detached from the necklace and just worn on your shirt or trousers. But it is a pretty sweet button and this way it won’t poke holes in your clothes. How much would you pay for this on Etsy?3 Maybe a $100? Man, the scam I could pull off with this thing. Enter to win and you could get this $1,000 necklace for free.

Pretend I posted this on Tuesday (Button Day).

1 Chicest FLOTUS of the 20th century, because Jackie Kennedy was mean.

2As with the other giveaway, you don’t have to pick the Reagan related prize, you could choose an Obama 08 button (or Ford, Nixon, Mondale or Kennedy–although those are older and they might will definitely stab you in necklace form). But who wouldn’t go with the Reagan one? (I don’t like a lot of what he did as a president, I just think he was adorable.)

3I don’t like or respect Etsy.

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