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I know this is an inaccurate, third grade interpretation of the “First Thanksgiving,” but I’m a little proud of my paper cutting and drawing skills.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Harry S Turkey

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for:
  1. The music of 1776 and the availability of the film on Netflix’s Instant Queue.
  2. My four awesome nephews.
  3. Pie (nephews are technically tied with pie)
  4. Essays about John Winthrop
  5. Books about Lyndon Johnson
  6. Raps about Alexander Hamilton
  7. The local library/local art museum
  8. Art museum docenting
  9. Great art like the Mona Lisa or the music of Squeeze
  10. The not low number of similarities between Rutherford B. Hayes and Jimmy Carter
  11. The page of The Grapes of Wrath I’ve read this week.
  12. William Seward
  13. Literacy and a huge ego
  14. Bookshelves
  15. Books about John Adams
  16. Everything and television

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